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January 05, 2005



Your drawing is fantastic. Is there ANYTHING you are not good at, Miss Delia. Sheesh.

Food Whore

Show off.

I get into Photoshop and the whole thing shuts down.

The only thing I am good at is the getting drunk thing. ;-)


very nice...all these programs take work, but I think it is worth this one!


Thanks guys, especially violet- since I pay the other ones to be nice to me!


I think you did a great job... nice concept. Love the simplicity.


I applaud you for tackling an illo in Photoshop! I've only used it for webdesign and altering photographs. One day I'll be brave enough... And we were on the same wavelength with the lemonade cause guess what my illo this week was? Yup:) Kid in a lemonade stand.


Thanks Kim....I raise a glass of lemonade to you!

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