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January 13, 2005



As a teen I babysat for an adorable little blond girl of 3, named Nerissa. She was a thinker too. You'd ask her what she was doing and she'd always say "thinking and wondering..." I had occasion to see and talk with her (all grown up now) a few years ago and she became an archeologist and travels to far parts of the globe on "digs" with her archeologist husband. I guess she's still "thinking and wondering..."

Maybe if you give him some dirt and bones to sort through he'll forget about it. Do ya s'pose? ~;^)

The Food Whore

Deep thinker and attention getter?

Wonder where he gets that trait...


Well he already wants to study we'll see, foxy.

And FW, I think he gets those traits from his Leo auntie!


He's his Mama's child.

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