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January 28, 2005


The Food Whore


Professor, puedo ir a un concerto de Ani, por favor?

At least I think that is right. Change 'concerto de Ani' to 'el bano' and you have, "Professor, may I go to the bathroom, please?

But it's been a few years.

If that doesn't work try: Veg es un Slacker. :-)


Oooh. Yay! Ani concerts RAWK. I've been to two and I hope to see my third when she comes to Buffalo in May.


So, FW are you saying I should ask to use the restroom and then haul ass to the concert?!

Thanks for giving a 34 year old mother of two a reason to be excited about the concert,maxigumee!


"Professora, nessisito ir al concierto de Ani, o es possible que una niniacita ira vencido con vegatables cuando su hermano orina con gigantesco tortugas!! Por favor, Senora, es EMERGENCIA!!"


Holy shit momma, what did you say?!


"Professor, I need to go to the Ani concert, or it is possible that a cute little gil will be beaten with vegetables while her brother urinates with gigantic turtles!! PLEASE, Senora, it's an EMERGENCY!!"


Thanks Momma, I am TOTALLY going to say that in class next week.

I will be leaving your phone number as a contact number for her.

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