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November 20, 2005



Hurray for those of us who don't want to eat the nice animals! I love your illo:> Enjoy your meat-free holidays!

Creative Kismet

Love this. Run little animals! RUN!!! It's nice to see you doing Illus.Fri. I've been a big fan of your blog for a while. I have your link on my site. Hope you dont mind. Great job with the illo!


Yes, my family (extended) was quite baffled about the whole holiday deal with my veg husband. They couldn't understand why he wouldn't just pick the ham chunks out of the green beans - after all, they knew he was a vegetarian, so they made vegetables! Last Christmas, he was in Iraq, but my cousin is veg too. I noticed that she got to eat a piece of bread for her main course. I'm taking a veg-friendly dish to each family gathering from here on out - and I don't even like veggies!
You can have the pecan pie, i don't like pecans, but keep your hands out of the chocolate. Oh who am I kidding, I get my dessert with my meal anyway so I don't have to fight for it!

The Food Whore

Take my pecan pie and I will tackle you to the ground.


Yay !!!!!!

Real cool post, we don't have to eat the little guys :)

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