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November 10, 2005



Oh now thats funny. Your Halloween party was chock full of sinning, but Austin Powers is a saint? Its a bit mind boggling, isn't it?
I just have to wonder why she didn't think this through ahead of time. I mean, my parents never would have let me skip church for any kind of party, muchless a Halloween one - but thats why they just would have said "no", ya know?
People are weird.

The Food Whore

You need to train The Cactus to swack those kinds of people.



Don't get me started.......


This woman is an ass, who doesn't have the strength to follow her own convictions.

Soylent Red

While he may be allowed to watch the Matrix and Austin Powers, I bet $20 that he isn't allowed to watch or read anything to do with "Harry Potter." All those witches and wizards and magic! It's a very, very sinful series of books and movies. Almost as bad as celebrating Halloween!

Seriously, what I don't get is why she even let her son attend the party if she (or her husband) disapproved of it from the start. What a nut job.

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