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April 03, 2006



I always answer the seemingly random "hi" too. Will I ever learn? I wish I had seen the cell addicted shopping cart crash. I think I'd have paid money to see it :) You could make your week even better by knowing that when B.O.C. (blond on cell) #1 got home, she complained (on her cell) to someone about how the idiot at the store mashed her bread. Of course, unfortunately for the environment, she probably threw that loaf away and jumped in her H2 and drove back to the store for another loaf (ond of course another conversation)

I found your blog thru the Food Whore. Thanks for keeping me in giggles :)


I've yet to see an H2 used for anything other than commuting to the grocery store or Target. Aren't they supposed to be rugged? Rugged enough for what? Groceries?


I need to get an H2 so my bread won't be squished. They have special seatbelts for bread, right?

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