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June 16, 2006



Ok, this is just a guess, but I think at least Picnic was "picking a" and two hour maybe "two are"

Maybe something like you "two are pickin' a can?" I'm guessing. I've never heard of a grill referred to as a can, but certainly I've heard a tank called a can.

If she told you she ate every meal out, and they were lookin' at grills, I bet she meant they grill every meal out.

You'll figure it out. My husband always looks confused when we visit his parents (transplants to SC) but my family has some serious southern accents happening. You will get used to it.

In terms of the whole church thing, in the south, church is not just religion. It's the center of the social network. If it fits with your beliefs at all, find one that works for you, show up once in a while, and you will meet a lot of nice people. Since you aren't vegan, I'm sure you'll get a lot of cheesy casseroles.;-)

Good luck with the move. I know it's not easy.


About time you updated:) I learned to talk in NC, and I have no idea what they were saying.


I was beginning to worry that you'd dropped off the planet.
I understand everyone here, but then again, I'm from Georgia.
And, you're in the Wilmington area, right? WHERE are they hiding the restaurants? We were there on Monday and wanted to find somewhere to eat other than the basic places that EVERY city has and wound up settling for some okay mexican place. If you find somewhere that you, being vegetarian, enjoy, that also has some carnivorous options on the menu, let me know.


We're farther north than Wilmington- so yes, in a sense we have fallen off the planet!

The black hole of america.


Could they possibly have been talking about a pig pickin'?

The two things I remember as so NOT me when we lived there were pig pickins and Jimmy Buffet.

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