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July 31, 2006



What a gorgeous home!!!
Wow!! Thanks so much for inviting us all in!!!


I think your home looks lovely. I know how hard it is when you move a lot. I have moved about as many times as you in the same amount of years. I don't have my photos up I had a few unkind comments so I just said screw it and shut mine down..Oh well I am glad I got a chance to visit you.


Bless your heart. We had 10 addresses in the first 11 years of our marriage. I completely understand. The thought of moving gives me hives.

Sorry about the pseudo-granite and lame microwave. All houses have their problems. But don't give up. Your new home is so beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos in next year's tour after you've had a year to get it all just like you want it.

Thanks for the peek inside!


LOVE the colors! Very warm and inviting!


I will have 3 different addresses in 4 years, each in different state. We're moving on Thursday to Colorado and this is the first move requiring a truck and purchased boxes. I think I will move once more voluntarily. =)


LOL great tour, what fun I had reading your comments! The microwave thing sounds like something I would do.... we've moved at least once a year for the past 8 years now, ack. After being here more than a year, there are still boxes and we are talking of moving again soon, ack!


I know the feeling. Just over a year ago, I made my 11th move in 9 years. This time, we got a garage - so now, people can't actually SEE the unpacked boxes that we still have. We even have a few that were never unpacked in previous moves, and just get moved around from place to place.
I like your house. I especially like your garden. Mine's pretty awful at the moment.


Thanks so much for opening your home to us although we can see you're still unpacking! lol Beautiful home, though, and I love the way you've remodelled it inside!!


Great house. We have moved a lot also. Dh and I have moved 8 times in 7 years. I hope we are done for at least 3 years this time!


You have a lovely home. I truely understand about the plant thing and kitty pee :-). Will take the chrome off a bumper if you ain't careful. *giggles*(And that's just the neighbors cats) *snickers*

The Food Whore

It looks fabulous.

I am still coveting the mirror over the fireplace.

And I recognize that painting in the dining room, don't I?


You did a great job!!

(It doesn't look like a North Carolina house any more!!)


Thanks everyone.

yeah, FW that's the Goodwill painting I paid too much for!

PastorMac's Ann

Your descriptions alone where worth the visit. ;-) Thanks for the tour. You have a very nice home.


Love your house, and the commentary.

FooFoo Bunny

I am impressed as heck! I moved in here 7 years ago and still haven't unpacked some of our boxes I have hidden in the garage.... *snort*

Thank You for sharing, You rock Mama!

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