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January 30, 2006


Steve in ORF

Dearest Veggie-eater,

I trust that Wilmington, NC will provide you with all of about 5 minutes of enjoyment. 10 more minutes will be afforded to you by the goodwill of North Carolinians for a total of 15 minutes to get the hell out.

Seriously though, Wilmington, with all it's bad points (the least (most?) of which is the wretched cat urine smell that we experienced the last weekend we were there) does bring with it some good stuff. If you are in need of a yard maintenence guy, please let me know cause I think he's about the best thing there. Just short of the "beaches" that aren't too far away.

Congrats on the house, impending move, and living your life out of a box. Before much longer, we too are about to embark on that journey. That journey laden with U-Haul boxes, bumpy roads, and a 3-day trek to Texas!



Oh no! Sorry you're hating it! I like Wilmington, but I only go down there for the beach, and I love the beach, so it all works out. Maybe it won't be quite as awful as it seems.


Well, we don't move until June so I've got 4 months to convince myself I can handle it. By June, Tucson gets so hot, we'll be happy to head to NC and the beach!


By the way - how you feel now is about how I'll feel if the Army ever makes me go somewhere colder than NC. This is cold enough, thanks. And they'd better send us to Hawaii at some point. I think we all deserve that.

The Food Whore

Remember, you get to take us with you, too.

And we can come visit.

I've never seen a porn shop in a trailer.


yeah, all the porn shops you visit are in mansions, right?

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