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August 24, 2006



Just please tell me that you squat in the water, not in the sand.
I watch for sharks all the time, because every time I ever go out on a pier, there are people out there catching baby nurse sharks and I know mommy CAN'T be too far off, right!


Actually I don't do any squatting, but the 4 yr old does- in the water.

This is our 3rd encounter with sharks in 2 months. A higher percentage than I am comfortable with.


well, at least that makes me feel a little less guilty for not heading to the beach more often than we did this summer!
Hope school goes well for yours. Aaric's first day ever is tomorrow and I think I'm still in denial.

The Food Whore

The more they share with their teachers now the less they have to share with their therapists later...

Sharks make me sick to my stomach.

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