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October 17, 2006


Alex K.

I love the hat. It is wonderful and makes me wish for the ability to knit!

As for my halloween costume, I am going to be a kabuki (traditional Japanese theatre, exagerrated make-up) actor.

But what are YOU going to be?


Hell Alex, I can hardly sew, much less knit at all.

This is a store bought hat, a yard of furry fabric, a 1/4 yard of pink fabric and a needle and thread.

Hopefully I'm not less of a mother for admitting that!

I'm not sure what I'll be this year. I've outgrown my costume from last year. Too much Halloween candy, I guess!


I'm going as a mommy and Xander will be going as my baby. Michael will make an appearance as my baby's daddy.
I just can't make myself dress up, or justify getting or making a costume for a 1 month old.
Aaric will be a ninja and Mikayla will be a princess. I steered her toward non-princess costumes for the past few years, so I'm letting her be all girly this year. next year though, I may make her use the ninja costume.


Awesome! Love the cat hat, your story, and your writing.
:0) Mel

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